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Yummy, more Myspace/Warped bands...

I went to Warped Tour a coupla Wednesdays ago... it was awesome.
I also saw Loser's Luck and they were really rad! Britton was cute!
Another good band was D.O.R.K.
They were cute and realllly awesome live. I liked them... need to get their CD! ;P

My favourite band there was My Chemical Romance. And they were so amazing to see live. It was Gerard's birthday, hah, so we got to sing to him and he told us this weird story about a dragon and a prince... the weirdest thing was that he told it before they did "You Know What They Do To Kids Like Us In Prison"... and it had noooooothing to do with the song. ^_^

I didn't get to stay to see The Offspring. I was pissed. I love them too...
But I did see Hawthorne Heights (from a distance...) and Fall Out Boy. Awesome.

And as you might know, The Used was not there. I nearly cried... I love The Used.
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