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broke headphones
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Hello, My name is Samantha.
I am the maintainer/moderator here at Broke Headphones. This is just a community for the music lovers.

Here are some ground rules:
♥ promote, if you want to.
♥ no application, those suck, so just give some backround information after you join & get accepted. just like your name, age, where you live, maybe why you joined?, and your top three bands at the moment. i'd appreciate it. =)
♥ Post at least once a week, no matter how silly your post is, just post even if it's just "hey guys, i'm alive, don't worry about me!" any complications resulting in not being able to post, please let me know.
♥ there will be no age limit to join until, people start acting like babies and breaking the rules, after that anyone under the age of Fourteen (14) WiLL NOT be able to join & "under age" memebers who've broken this rule will be banned.
♥ PLEASE, Please do not make fun of anyone else's musical interest, we all have different tastes in music and this is a place to have fun and share new music with others, if you break this rule you will be warned, the 2nd time, you will be banned.
♥ no fighting, if you don't like someone who joins please don't bring your hate here by dissing eachothers posts, and interests, etc. please do that on your own time, in your own journals.
♥ you can post anything from pictures, band's myspace sites and purevolume sites, lyrics,something exciting that's going to happen in your life, if you're going to any shows, if those shows ripped.
♥ I strongly encourage that if you or someone you know has a band and you guys wanna make it big, please, let us check you out, if you don't like a comment someone makes about your band, or your friend's band, always remember that it can be deleted, and we're just trying to help out with constructive critizism, don't take it personally if you aren't that great & people aren't afraid to tell you.
♥ DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT be afraid to be yourself or say what you want, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we can't tell you not to say this or not to say that, that job was given to your mom.
♥ Last, but not least, HAVE FUN!!!

♥ Love Always,
Samantha (hello_friend51)

P.S.- Feel Free to IM me anytime you'd like, I won't bite.

Aim = brokeXheadphones just state your name and say you're from the community. i'll talk to you. =)

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